About us

We are obsessed and passionate with light, and everything we do is to improve the quality of human life through better light. Combining light with health, aesthetics and the environment is our core value.

We pour our love of light into every step, from product conception, design, research and development, to production and application. We can develop excellent products to create a better light environment to meet the needs of every customer.

Better life, Begins with light

Uraise is a profession LED manufacturer which located in Ningbo China. Uraise specialized in commercial light and home light. Our main product is various track light, linear track light, downlight, and spotlight. Uraise has strong development ability to reach different market’s demands. Uraise welcomes to work together with all the customers to develop high quality products. 

Ningbo Uraise Intelligent lighting Co.,Ltd

Add: #26 Pushun road, Xiaogang district, Ningbo China 315821

Email: demi@uraise.cn

Cell:+86 574 5500 9791