3-Phase UV-C track light

3-Phase UV-C track light



3-PH track spotlight, UV-C, wave length 260-285nm


• Wattage: 10W

• Voltage: 220-240V AC

• LED type: 9pcs UV-C, 1pc BLUE signal LED

• Material: Cast aluminum

• Beam angle: 50°

• Ambient temperature:-20-40℃

• Warranty:5 years



9pcs UV-C chips emit a wavelength of 260-285nm with a power of 1 watt each bundled by a reflector with 50 ° beam angle. An additional blue LED with a wavelength of 470 nm signals the operating status.



UV-C Purification Calculator

Radiant power in Watt    10W

Beam angle    50°

Distance from light emission to the illuminated area    3.5m

Yields a median distance of    5.25m

Irradiation duration    60 minutes

Illuminated Area    115.45㎡



Invisible UV-C light (wavelength 260-285nm) is emitted from this product. Avoid eye and skin exposure to unshielded product during operation. The operating status is indicated by an additional blue LED.

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